Masterton District’s population has increased by 9% since 2013.

Median age


Masterton District’s median age has increased by 0.9% since 2013.



Masterton District’s unemployment has decreased by 25% since 2013.

Born overseas


The percentage of people born overseas has increased by 6% since 2013.

About Masterton

From a high peak of the Remutaka Range centuries ago, Haunui-a-nanaia, the grandson of the famous Māori voyager Kupe,  gazed across forest, grassland, rivers and lakes of a wide fertile valley. When he looked towards a lake he was sitting across from, the reflection of the sun caught his eyes and made them water. It was this incident that led to the name of this region being Wairarapa which translates as ‘Glistening Waters’. Founded in 1854, Masterton is the largest town in the Wairarapa Valley with a district population of 24,000 residents.

Imagine a place where smart 20-somethings can secure their futures with canny property investments, where IT entrepreneurs work for the world from their home offices and 50-somethings embrace a sophisticated social fabric, richly studded with ever-changing good food, wine and leisure activities.

The Masterton District stands out as a place where it’s easy to make a home. Land and houses are affordable, and opportunities to forge a satisfying future are everywhere. People want to make this beautiful part of the world their home because at its heart is a town that has everything you want – big brand stores, all of the services you need and sporting and recreational amenities all within a five-minute drive.

No traffic lights here, just a choice of welcoming cafés serving superb flat whites. Look further afield and stunning vistas grace every direction. It’s not hard to find a home with a view of mountains, rivers, and the ever-changing rural landscape. If you want a big city fix then you can take a comfortable and breathtaking scenic train trip to Wellington in the time it takes to get from Auckland Airport to the Sky Tower.